Some of the services that our agency offers to our community
Fire Prevention


Do you have questions or concerns about the fire safety condition of your building. Our fire inspector does ongoing routine inspections but will also answer questions or schedule a special fire inspection with you. Please contact our Fire Marshal, Sergeant Robert Ginther at (248) 540-3417 or reach him by email at


Fire Safety Checklist-Residential
Vacation Watch


Let us know if you are heading out of town. Our department will give extra patrol and attention to your home during that time. Feel free to complete our on-line vacation watch form. This form will allow our residents to save time by notifying us via email. Click the link below to complete the form.


Vacation Watch On-Line Form
Child Safety Seat Inspections


Our agency has an officer certified in child safety seat installation and inspection. This service is available to Village residents only. To schedule an appointment contact Public Safety Detective Moore at (248) 540-3415 or email him at

Child Safety Restraint Information
Fire Safety Checklist-Commercial
Bicycle Registration


One of the services provided to residents of Beverly Hills is bicycle registration. An owner registering a bicycle receives a Beverly Hills Bicycle Registration sticker to be applied to the bicycle. This sticker can be useful in returning a bicycle that has been stolen. Registering also records the bicycle description and serial number in a file that we can check if a bicycle is found, even if the registration sticker has been removed.


To register your bicycle bring in the bicycle paperwork, owner manual, store receipt, serial number and specific description (style, size, color, accessories), to our station lobby. The desk officer will be glad to help you.

Alarm Registration On-Line


Ordinance requires alarm registration for any alarmed building in the Village according to chapter 43 of our Ordinances. We now have a conveinent way to save time by completing our registration form on-line. Click the link below to complete the form.


New alarm registration requires a $25 fee paid in person or by mail once the form is submitted. No fee is required for updating through our on-line system.

Alarm Registration On-Line Form