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The role of the Detective Bureau is the investigation of crimes and the apprehension of suspected offenders.  The Detective Bureau is mainly a reactive function of law enforcement, though it will take proactive approaches when the need arises, such as surveillance and conducting warrant sweeps.  The major components of investigations are case screening, follow-up investigations, and gathering criminal intelligence. The Beverly Hills Department of Public Safety’s Detective Bureau is comprised of (1) Sergeant and (1) School Resource Officer-Detective.  The Sergeant of the Detective Bureau oversees the operation of the bureau.  The Sergeant is also in charge of Property and Evidence management.  One detective is assigned to the Birmingham School District during the school year, serving as a School Liaison Officer. Detectives are also responsible for the investigation of crimes against persons relating to sexual assaults, adult/child protection matters, and crimes against persons and property.  Detectives are appointed to the Detective Bureau as a means of staff development and are in this assignment for at least one and one half years.  Detectives receive specialized training in the areas of interview and interrogation, writing search warrants, crime and death scene investigations, and are certified evidence technicians as well.

Please Read Regarding Property-

Release of property and evidence is by appointment only.  Release of Property and Evidence:

  • In order for property and/or evidence to be returned to you, the investigator responsible for your case must authorize its release.  

  • You will need your case number and a valid ID card or driver's license for items to be released to you.

  • For further details concerning the options available in reclaiming your property, call the Detective Sergeant at (248) 540-3403.

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